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  • About

    Shockoe Bottom CrossFit is Downtown Richmond, Shockoe Valley, and Church Hill’s most dedicated team of Professional trainers and athletes that is transforming the definition of fitness. Our coaches lead classes that combine Olympic and Power style weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning to turn any given person into an athlete and athletes into great athletes!

    Who will Benefit from our health and fitness training programs? Quite Simply-EVERYONE! Women and men alike, whether you are out of shape or a prime athlete that needs extra training, we can help you lose weight, gain muscle, become more fit and healthier than you have ever been in your life. We will introduce you to literally hundreds of movements and ingrain them into your muscle memory so you will begin to move efficiently and effectively. Every single person that comes into SBC is part of this team. To us a team is all about community and friendship. So we will never let a teammate or a friend give up on the goals that pushed them to walk through our doors. As we walk newcomers through the process of learning crossfit and associated lifts, people become amazed by the short amount of time that they start seeing results in their bodies and abilities. People see results with us so quickly because we are unique to the industry. We don’t take the easy way out, were here for the long haul, and our goal is to get you to your goals. To do that, our coaches have the most experience of any gym in Richmond across all fitness genres. Two VCU athletic coaches, Iron Man competitors, Collegiate athletes, USAW level 2 weightlifting coaches, and seasoned personal trainers make up the group that will push, teach and mentor you in all aspects fitness and life!

    What is CrossFit?

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    Why are We Different?


    • Our 5,000 sqft Facility(including a shower room, AC, parking) houses the best equipment and a spacious amount of room for each person to work safely and efficiently
    • The benefits of Crossfit and strength training are widely known, making some gyms in the area crowded, big box gyms that are impersonal and cold. We refuse to let that happen so we keep our class sizes small so every athlete can have the space/equipment and coaching they need to progress. This is our most distinguishing factor: You will not get lost in the crowd at SBCF. We care enough to keep our classes small so you get what you deserve.
    • We offer Introductory on Ramp classes, Level 1 and 2 CrossFit, an Olympic/Power strength conditioning program, yoga, and Mobility classes.
    • All members receive individual goal planning and physical statistical analysis through our interactive website.
    • Specialized programming is available for the specific needs of each person. Consultations will determine best course of action to reach your goals.
    • If you aren’t able to make a class time, take advantage of our equipment on your own. You can do the workout of the day (WOD) or just get a quick lift in during our open gym sessions.
    • All of our coaches have made the pursuit of fitness their life goals: being involved in collegiate sports, sports science, coaching multiple sports, obtaining multiple certifications and degrees, and long careers in crossfit and Olympic weightlifting. This is not part time for us, its our passion!
    • Simply put, you cant beat us :)

    ~ Testimonials~

    “It’s certainly hard to be able to fit all the positives SBCF has blessed me with in the last 6 months I have been training there into a short review. I came from a popular chain gym where I had lost 50lbs through traditional methods and then hit a plateau not knowing where to focus my new found love of fitness. I had admired CrossFit from afar for so long wondering if it was something that was even possible for me. Then I decided to stop thinking about it and just do it! It was seriously one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my health in my entire life.  With the help of my coaches at SBCF I have met so many personal goals. Through the growth of my physical strength I’ve become a stronger person in my day to day life. I’ve made friends with people from all walks of life that I may have never gotten the opportunity to otherwise. I feel a sense of community I haven’t found in many other places – filled with positive, up-lifting people who genuinely seem to care about helping to better each other through training. I’ve learned that if I can push myself through my challenges there each day the days challenges start to seem less difficult. It’s become a huge passion of mine & I would invite & encourage anyone who is considering CrossFit to come WOD with us and get to share in the same enjoyment!  Also our new location is AMAZING!!”
    - Ainsley Dougherty


    “My time at Shockoe Bottom Crossfit has been an awesome experience.  I’ve spent years searching for an activity that could bring out the grit and passion I once experienced as a collegiate athlete.  The intensity, the spirit of competition, the family like environment, and of course, the great physical gains are all qualities that drew me in and have kept me here.  I love the creativity of the workouts; Olympic lifts, gymnastics, and cardio all mixed together to create short intense workouts.  Shockoe Bottom Crossfit has something for everyone from the runner to the lifter; from the person who has never done any thing athletic to current professional athletes.  I’ve personally worked my way up from our fundamentals class to our Level 2 program, with the help of Alex and his top notch staff.  A year ago I was an overweight, out of shape, stroke survivor who knew it was time to do something different.  I’m now lighter and fitter than I’ve been in years and nearly as strong as I was in college.  I wanted more than a 90-day program and I found it!  Challenge yourself and come check us out!”
    -Chris Anderson


    “Shockoe Bottom CrossFit has become a home away from home. I’ve worked at gyms…and I’ve worked out at gyms…but everything else pales in comparison to Shockoe Bottom CrossFit. I was skeptical of CrossFit at first; but watching people doing a WOD (in agony but loving it) intrigued me. I tried it and it humbled me. It continues to humble me but I feel myself growing stronger and I see the results. I am lean…I am strong…and I am a force to be reckoned with. What makes Shockoe Bottom CrossFit different is the sense of camaraderie between my teammates and coaches. I’m not the strongest…nor am I the fastest…but I do the best that I can and my teammates support me and encourage me to do more. It’s more than a sense of community…it’s a family. I encourage anyone and everyone to try out Shockoe Bottom CrossFit.”
    -Lisa Ghidotti


    “Shockoe Bottom Crossfit was the perfect work out for me as a med student at MCV.  I started working out with SBC at the end of M2 and found that the 1 hour sessions fit perfectly into my “crunch month” schedule and were a really good way to blow off stress.  I had played sports all my life but never attempted any Olympic style lifts before starting… Alex and his coaching team are patient, skilled, and amazing at taking you from ground zero basics to feeling comfortable lifting next to old pros.  No matter what level you’re at physically, weekend warriors to former collegiate athletes, crossfit will challenge everyone individually because the weight you put on and how fast you finish is all up to you.  But really, the best part about SBC was the awesome people you’ll meet and team spirit you’ll get to be a part of at every work out.”

    - Meghan Richardson,  MCV Class of 2014


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